My Le Thi was born in Central Highland of Vietnam. She came to Australia in 1985.  Studied Arts at the Northern Territory University and Art Management at the University of Technology in Sydney. She now lives and works in Sydney.

Apart from working on her own arts, she has been working on projects with other artists and mostly with non-artists including the detainees in the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney and communities who have disadvantage backgrounds. Thi’s artwork is inspired by a wide variety of human struggles.  Her work concerns about human conditions and in many aspects her work speaks about humanity in all walks of life and against racism and discrimination. Her work was selected as one of the HSC case studies in 2004 and was included in many major exhibitions in Australian, USA and many Asian and European countries.

She practices her art in mixed/multi-media in installation, painting, sculpture, sound, music and video. Apart from practicing art since 1986 she also works as a set designer, a performer, a musician, consultant, project co-ordinator, a curator and an art teacher and mentor. Currently she is one of the founders and director of Ian Bowie Association which to help young people in the performing arts. 

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